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Get mugged: Brewery’s mug club rewards loyal drinkers

Mug shot: Jason Sahler, owner of the Strong Rope Brewery in Gowanus, is launching a mug club for loyal patrons to get the most out of each pint.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Be sure that everybody knows your name.

Gowanus beer guzzlers can now claim their own personalized, oversized mugs at the Strong Rope brewery. Members of the brewery’s new mug club will each get a 17.5-ounce glass etched with their name, which will live behind the bar, ready to be filled with a free beer with every visit to the Gowanus tap room. The club is a reward for loyal patrons, and also a throwback to the days of old when folks were loyal to their local tavern, said the brewery’s owner.

“It’s just this kind of feeling that you get, that nice kind of dense glass that’s harkening back to those days when the public house was much more prevalent and you were loyal to your neighborhood brewery,” said Carroll Gardener Jason Sahler. “So there’s that, and then part of it is to act as a bit of a reward for our loyal customers. It gives a lot of perks to patrons that come here fairly frequently.”

Membership comes loaded with goodies for up to 50 loyal patrons, who will each get a customized glass mug, the first brew of each visit on the house, early access to new bottle and can releases, a mug club t-shirt, and 10 percent off Strong Rope merchandise.

The membership fee is a steep $300, but the larger-than-average glass and the savings from a free beer at each visit could easily tally into hundreds of dollars of booze for a die-hard customer, said Sahler.

“It’ll really make an impact for regulars,” said Sahler. “Plus, it’s a hefty glass — you get more out of each pint.”

The membership is good for one year, starting — no joke — on April 1, 2017, so a dedicated visitor to the tap room, which is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, could score 260 free beers between then and March 31, 2018.

Get your own mug at Strong Rope Brewery (574 President St. between Third and Fourth avenues in Gowanus, (929) 337–8699, www.strongropebrewery.com). Sales end March 8. $300.

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