GoogaBoondoggle: Ticket-holders get refunds after Prospect Park’s festival flop

The Great GoogaMooga didn’t live up to its name — at least for hundreds of “VIP” ticket holders who will get refunds after a not-so-great experience.

Organizers of Prospect Park’s much-hyped food and music festival are giving $250 back to each concert-goer who shelled out for a premium passes as an apology for not providing enough grub and booze on Saturday.

“We’re very sorry if we disappointed you,” event planners said in a statement on Wednesday. “To officially extend our apology, we’re offering you a 100 percent refund.”

Most concert-goers got free passes for the festival, but some paid big bucks for “Extra Mooga” tickets so they could have access to weekend-long food and drink and extra performances and discussions featuring stars such as chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain and former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy.

But many concert-goers who paid for special bracelets to get into gated-off areas felt not-so-very important when they learned beer lines lasted 45 minutes and that most of the food was gone by 4 pm on Saturday.

“Starving, stranded in the heat, standing on endless lines for food,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another visitor described it as the “biggest letdown.”

“That was the DMV of festivals,” wrote a third.

Superfly Presents, the company in charge, said bummed out “Extra Mooga” buyers have 30 days to collect refunds by e-mailing [email protected].

That pleased some music-loving foodies, who called the refund “a classy move” on the event’s Facebook page.

“Respectable!” wrote concert-goer Pamela Casella Keane. “Better planning for next year!”

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