Got his goats! Jon Stewart collects animals recovered from subway tracks, delivers them to rescue farm

Got his goats! Jon Stewart collects animals recovered from subway tracks, delivers them to rescue farm
Sweet dreams: Members of New York’s Finest pulled a goat from the tracks after tranquilizing it.
Photo by Paul Martinka

These kids are better than all right!

Two goats recovered from outdoor subway tracks in Dyker Heights on Monday will spend the rest of their days roaming pastures far more idyllic than those surrounding the beleaguered transit system thanks to comedian Jon Stewart, who took custody of the animals following their rescue and brought them to an upstate shelter.

Stewart and his wife Tracey picked up the cloven-footed commuters from a city animal-care center after police tranquilized and removed them from the N-train tracks near the Hamilton Parkway and New Utrecht Avenue-62nd Street stations, according to a Metropolitan Transportaion Authority spokesman.

“Police responded to the scene, they were taken to animal control, then Stewart took them,” said Shams Tarek.

The former host of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” then transported the goats to the upstate rescue — Farm Sanctuary, in Watkins Glen — where they will never have to worry about the daily grind again, according to a spokeswoman for the facility.

Dynamic duo: The goats.
Photo by Paul Martinka

“They will receive medical treatment and world class care,” said Meredith Turner–Smith.

Locals first spotted the goats clomping along the tracks on Monday morning, but they were never in danger, according to Tarek, because the infrastructure’s third rail is turned off for ongoing repairs to some N-line stations.

N trains were temporarily rerouted onto the D line in order to corral the beasts, but resumed their normal routes once officials safely collected the four-legged vagabonds, the transit-authority rep said.

The goats’ origin is unknown, Tarek said, and they weren’t the first animals to make news this month by freely wandering Kings County — their escapade came less than a week after a Ditmas Parker recovered her Polish Bantam chicken following its escape and subsequent journey through the neighborhood.

And it’s not the first time Stewart came to the rescue of a wayward animal on city streets, either. In 2016, the do-gooder transported a bull to the upstate farm after cops rounded up the hulking beast on a college campus in Queens.

They love kids: Jon and Tracey Stewart picked up the goats from an animal-care center, before transporting them to greener pastures outside Brooklyn.
Associated Press / Evan Agostini

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