‘Real life’: New graffiti art show brings 25 well-known artists to Downtown Brooklyn

graffiti cans painted by Ko
Remodeled paint cans done by graffiti artist Koz, co-curator of City Point’s newest art exhibit, ‘Get Lucky.’

Downtown Brooklyn is getting tagged!

Pieces from 25 graffiti well-known artists come together at “Get Lucky,” a new exhibit co-curated by Laura “Lulu” Reich, former associate director of West Chelsea Contemporary gallery, and Emmy nominated filmmaker and graffiti artist Koz at City Point.

“Graffiti has very much marked New York’s energy,” said Reich. “It’s why people are attracted to this city. It gives it that aspect of grit, also known as real life — and it also has built an enormous community.”

The show combines pieces by New York and international artists including Puerto Rican Al Diaz, a collaborator of SAMO, a 1978 graffiti social commentary project in lower Manhattan that has transcend in contemporary art.

A piece by Chris RWK.Koz

“These are people that, if you’re in this scene, if you grew up with it or you’ve researched it, you’ll know,” said Reich. “We have artists like EASY, who has the most iconic hand style and really sets an example for tagging.”

Other featured creators include Below Key, BG183, Chris RWK, Christian Hosoi, COPE2, Eli Reed, Eric Orr, FLASH, Jenna Morello, Key Detail, KIT 17, Nite Owl, Pops Hosoi, SMF, Solus, Turtlecaps, WANE COD, WEN COD, Zered Bassett, and Zimad.

Their mediums include canvas, works on paper, sculptures, stickers, skateboards and more.

“This time it was easy for me to be the lasso that wrangles everybody because the talent is out of hand,” said Koz, who has helped curate close to 100 shows and whose work is also on display in the new exhibit.

In a joint statement, Reich and Koz said “Get Lucky” is about bringing people together.

“Our artists create their own luck through art,” the duo said of the show’s name. “We want to encourage others to do the same by supporting our community and visiting our space where contemporary, graffiti, and street artists come together to celebrate bright new beginnings.”

“Get Lucky” is on display Thursdays through Sundays until Jan. 5 from 6-9 p.m. at City Point (445 Albee Square West).