Greek is the word at this Hellenic version of ‘Medea’

Greek is the word at this Hellenic version of ‘Medea’
Photo by Janice Yi

Don’t let the costumes fool you — this ain’t no toga party.

This month, students at the Greek School of Plato in Bath Beach will be donning the ultimate party gear for a much nobler purpose — a staging of Euripides ancient tragedy, “Medea.” And it’ll be performed how Euripides intended it to be — in Greek.

“It’s a very, very powerful story,” said director Elefteria Ikouta, who is also principal of the 35-year-old private school for Greek-Americans.

Indeed, for those who need a refresher in their Greek mythology, Medea was the wife of Jason, who leaves her for another woman. Epic revenge ensues.

The school has been putting its Greek language classes to good use, previously doing a production of the ultimate Greek classic — “Antigone” — and now “Medea,” being staged at John Dewey HS on April 10.

“For this production, we want all people to come, not only Greek-Americans,” said Ikouta. “It’s going to be something very, very special.”

As such, English subtitles will be provided.

“Medea” at John Dewey HS [50 Avenue X at Harway Avenue in Gravesend, (718) 373-6400], April 10 at 5 pm. Tickets $25, free for Plato students. For info, call (718) 621-2226.