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Green begets green

The new median on Adams Street south of Fulton Mall is a far cry from the urban desert it once was.
The Brooklyn Paper / Allison Bosworth

Downtown officials cut the ribbon, or should we say pruned the branches, on a glorious new median along Adams Street south of Fulton Street on Tuesday.

The new plantings, which include peach and cherry trees, complement similar medians previously installed along the entire stretch of the once-dour pathway to the Brooklyn Bridge. The roadway which now glistens with greenery — at a cost of $4.1 million of the more conventional green.

Officials said that the streetscape improvements will go a long way towards revamping the city’s third-largest business district. Indeed, who better than cheerleader-in-chief Borough President Markowitz to have the last word: “We are witnessing the renaissance of Brooklyn!”

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