Green-Wood cemetery vandalism suspect caught on camera

Green-Wood Cemetery vandalized!

Cops released video of a fence-hopping man who they believe destroyed dozens of monuments and tombstones inside Green-Wood Cemetery on Aug. 25.

Surveillance footage shows an agile rule-breaker jumping a gate at the cemetery’s main entrance at 7 am — about an hour before the historic grounds opened on the morning when workers discovered more than 40 statues and gravestones had been destroyed.

In the video, a lone male suspect climbs the inside of the fence near Fifth Avenue and 25th Street, then hops onto the sidewalk — evidence suggesting a single person could be responsible for an act of vandalism that’s shocking in its size and scope.

Police are looking for a man caught on camera climbing a fence to escape from Green-Wood Cemetery hours before workers discovered someone had toppled dozens of tombstones.

Workers last month noted that the prolific perp, who is wanted for criminal mischief, scratched out porcelain photographs of dead people and cracked statues of angels, causing roughly $100,000 in damage.

Officers at the 72nd Precinct have little information about the gravestone-basher — but they are hoping passersby can assist with details, an NYPD spokeswoman said.

“We have no description — but someone might recognize him,” said Detective Cheryl Crispin.

Investigators believe the suspect is responsible for destruction like this.

Cemetery historian Jeff Richman, who discovered the damage, did not immediately return calls seeking comment on Monday — but noted recently on the cemetery’s blog that a restoration team is repairing some of the damage.

“Many of the monuments, after being toppled, remained intact,” he said.

Anyone with information about the crime should call the NYPD tip line at (800) 577- 8477.

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