Greenpoint thieves love iPhones — yours

94th Precinct


iPhone swipes

At least two iPhones were stolen last week:

• A thief grabbed on from a woman on Union Avenue on Oct. 11. The victim told police that she was near Frost Street at 4 pm when the perp ran from behind and snatched the phone clean from her hand.

• Another iPhone lover lost her smartphone on Roebling Street near Union Avenue at around 12:30 pm on Oct. 12.

In both cases, the women were talking on the phone at the time of the theft.

Lightning strikes

Two thieves stole a man’s “Thunderbolt” cellphone on Withers Street on Oct. 12.

The perps approached the man while he was talking on his phone near Kingsland Avenue at 4 pm and tapped him on the shoulder.

When he turned around, one perp punched him in the shoulder while the other grabbed his grabbed the phone from his hand.

Gummed up

A thief tried to steal four boxes of gum from a 7-Eleven market on Manhattan Avenue on Oct. 12, but scuffled with the manager instead.

The worker told police that the perp entered the store at 1:53 am and grabbed the gum. But when the manager confronted him, the two fought, and the perp punched him before fleeing down Milton Street.

Beer run

A witless thief tried to steal a case of Corona from a Bedford Avenue market on Oct. 11, but got arrested instead.

The perp entered the store at 11:15 pm, swiped the Mexican brew and headed out onto the street, according to a witness.

But the beer Samaratan flagged down an officer near N. Seventh Street, and the alleged thief was collared.

Pen? Tell her

A thief stole a Tiffany pen from a Franklin Street apartment on Oct. 13.

The tenant left her apartment at 8:30 am, but when she returned to the unit near India Street at 9:30 pm, she saw her door was open and her apartment was ransacked.

— Aaron Short

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