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Grinched! Sneak swipes presents from Sheepshead Bay residents’ stoop

Brazen: The package thief stole three packages containing $1,000 worth of Christmas gifts from Susan Li’s front door on Voorhies Avenue on Nov. 27.
Susan Li

This goon needs a lesson in Christmas spirit!

A bandit in disguise pilfered several packages containing holiday presents from a Sheepshead Bay home’s stoop in broad daylight on Tuesday.

The nogoodnik — caught red-handed on surveillance footage — stole three packages from the steps in front of the Voorhies Avenue house near E. 27th Street around 2:30 pm, according to one of its residents, who said that the punk ruined her Christmas because the boxes were filled with $1,000 worth of gifts that she and her boyfriend ordered for their housemates.

“We were super pissed, because they were gifts for secret Santa,” said Susan Li, who shares the house with her boyfriend, his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend, all of whom were at work during the robbery. “My boyfriend had ordered computer parts for his brother and I ordered expensive makeup.”

Li, a teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School, came home from work that day to find a small package for one of her housemates on the stoop, she said. But when her boyfriend asked whether his computer parts had also arrived, the couple checked their security cameras, which showed the packages being delivered, and later captured the crook — whose face was cloaked by garments — carrying them off, a brazen theft that shocked the victims.

“We witnessed the delivery men dropping the boxes off. Then we saw the footage of the thief walking toward our door and picking up the three boxes,” Li said. “We were super furious, in shock.”

The couple received delivery notifications from FedEx and the United States Postal Service, which said that no one was home to receive the packages upon their drop-off.

Others who live on the block told Li they spotted the thief casing the block about an hour before the heist, sitting on porches and even urinating in public.

And one of Li’s neighbors provided more security-camera footage of the incident captured from across the street, which showed the lout packing the stolen goods into a black sedan, possibly a Nissan Altima, according to a Police Department rep, who confirmed the theft occurred.

Li’s boyfriend stayed home from work the day after the incident because they expected more packages to arrive, and going forward, the residents will have their packages shipped to a secure pickup location, she said.

And the residents weren’t the only ones on their block whose special deliveries got swiped — Li said that another next-door neighbor also had a package stolen that same day, and that she received several messages from other locals who claimed their parcels were snatched from their stoops too after sharing her story on a neighborhood Facebook page.

Following the alleged incidents, the Police Department rep advised locals to have any important deliveries shipped to a workplace or secure pickup location, and to make sure couriers require a signature upon drop off.

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