Grow your own! Beard and mustache competiton is back!

Beardo! Mike O’Connor, organizer of the beard and moustache competition that will take place at Club Europa in Greenpoint on Dec. 3, shows off his “full, natural beard.”
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Give us your bearded, your mustached, your mutton-chopped masses yearning to grow free!

A group of Greenpoint pogonophiles are going whisker-to-whisker in the group’s second facial hair takedown — a party that celebrates the magic and grandeur that only a room full of hairy dudes can bring.

It’s a party that will attract the world’s most follically talented men — and a few bearded women (more on that later) — including top beardsmiths such as Jack Passion, who has been described as “the Michael Jordan of full-beard competition.”

At least 50 beards will compete in the Gotham City Beard Alliance event this year in categories including full natural beard; partial beard; 99-percent beard (formally the “recession beard”); fake beard (for women and the follically challenged); natural moustache; styled moustache; and freestyle, which is where the really imaginative hair designs can be found.

Competitive bearding has taken off in the past couple years — partially thanks to the Independent Film Channel’s “Whisker Wars” — a reality show about the nascent sport.

“It’s sort of a niche thing, it’s also become popular because it’s so fun,” said organizer Mike O’Connor, who describes his own belly-button-length growth as “a full, natural beard.”

It’s no secret that Mustached-Americans have long groaned under the yoke of mistrust in the court of public opinion — servants to a hairless master sneering in derision at post-ironic porn-star ’staches.

But beards and mustaches today aren’t just for Tom Selleck and George Carlin, thanks to a growing acceptance of the style among celebrities — including actor Jon Hamm, freak folk phenom Devandra Banhart and pretty much everybody who regularly rides the L train.

And it’s worth noting that the nation’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Eric Holder, is a Mustached-American.

“At some point it was a sign of a sex appeal to not have any facial hair,” said O’Connor. “People are starting to realize that it is a natural look for men and shows that they are a healthy mate.”

The event will raise money for breast cancer awareness, so now you can grow for a good cause.

Beard and moustache competition at Club Europa [98 Meserole Ave. between Manhattan Avenue and Lorimer Street in Greenpoint, (718) 383-5723], Dec. 3, 7 pm. Tickets are $15. For info, visit www.gothamcitybeards.com.

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