Gun mugging on Grand Street!

90th Precinct


Grand robbery

A gun-wielding thug robbed a man on Grand Street on June 12.

The victim told police that he was near Manhattan Avenue at 4:55 am, when the perp stopped him and pointed a gun in his face. The perp than grabbed his cellphone and $100, and ran away.

Samurai Mama

A thief stole $6,182 from a Grand Street sushi restaurant overnight on June 9.

Workers at the restaurant, which is near Bedford Avenue, told cops that they closed up for the night at around 11 pm, but when they showed up for work the next morning, they discovered a shattered window and an empty cash box.

A surveillance revealed that a thief had smashed through the glass at 3:45 am.

Party down

Three perps stole a computer from a S. Fourth Street apartment during a house party on June 11.

The victim told police that dozens of friends filled his apartment near Union Avenue all night, but at around 1 am, he noticed three uninvited guests leave his room.

When he entered the room to check, he discovered that his computer was gone.

Pick pocket

A perp snatched a man’s iPhone as he was waiting on the Montrose Avenue L-train platform on June 12.

The victim told police he was having a conversation with the perp at 4:05 am, when he decided to leave the station on the Bushwick Avenue side. The perp followed him up the stairs, grabbed his iPhone, and fled.

A suspect was later collared.

Hope less

A thief stole a laptop from a Hope Street apartment overnight on June 7.

The tenant left his building near Keap Street at 6 pm, but when he returned the next morning at 9:30 am, he saw his door was open and his computer was gone.

Mobile crime

A thief stole $7,000 and 11 cellphones from a store on Grand Street overnight on June 4.

A store employee told police that he locked up at 7 pm near Graham Avenue, but when he returned at 10:45 am, he found the store ransacked and its stock depleted.

Toyota taken

A thief stole a Toyota on Rodney Street on June 12.

The driver parked near Kent Avenue at 7:45 am, but returned at 9:15 am to find the space empty.

Dodge gone

A thief stole a Dodge on Johnson Avenue overnight on June 4.

The driver parked near Bushwick Avenue at 7:30 pm, but when he returned at 6:30 am, it was gone.

— Aaron Short