Gun-toting mugger takes man’s cash

90th Precinct


Pistol pilfering

A menacing gunman mugged a man on Scholes Street on July 1 — forcing the victim to hand over his phone and cash.

The victim told police he was between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street at 2:30 pm when he felt a tap on his shoulders. As he turned around, he came face-to-face with the thief, who calmly told him to relax and hand over his phone. After the victim initially refused, the mugger displayed a large revolver for extra convincing.

“Don’t make me pull my s— out,” the gunman threatened, so the victim handed over his phone and wallet, which contained $350.

Car caper

A burglar ransacked a man’s car parked on Knickerbocker Avenue on July 5 — taking off with the man’s valuable computer chip and laptop.

The car-owner told police he parked his silver 2011 Toyota Camry near Ingraham Street at 10 am. When he returned, he found his passenger-seat window smashed, and his electronics gone.

Pain station

Two thugs attacked a woman at the Morgan Avenue train station on July 3 and dashed off with her purse.

The victim told police she sat down at the station on Harrison Place between Bogart Street and Morgan Avenue to wait for a train at 3:04 am. That’s when the devious duo approached her. One mugger punched her, and the other attempted to snatch her purse, she told police.

When the woman resisted, the pugilist barked, “Quit trying to fight back.” The victim then ran toward an MTA booth, but the two jerks caught up and grabbed her pocketbook and iPhone.

— Alfred Ng