Gunfire strikes man in arm and chest

90th Precinct


Invisible gun

An unseen gunman shot a guy who was sitting in front of a Havemeyer Street apartment on the night of Oct. 31.

The victim told cops he was sitting on the stoop between S. Third and S. Second streets at 9 pm when he heard gunfire and a bullet struck his left arm. He ran down the street, and the shooter hit him again in the abdomen, according to a police report.

The victim is now at Woodhull Hospital, which is treating him for injuries that are not life threatening, police said.

Box crook cuffed

Cops collared a guy who allegedly attempted to steal a package from a Lorimer Street office building on Oct. 29.

A witness flagged down an officer at 7:30 pm and said he saw a guy break into a building between Maujer and Ten Eyck streets and run off with a package.

The officer chased after the alleged thief when he saw him drop the loot and run, and managed to cuff the guy. The package contained clothing, coffee pots, and chocolates, according to a police report.


Two ne’er-do-wells broke into a Throop Avenue apartment building on Oct. 29 and made off with a wad of cash.

The landlord of the building between Whipple and Thornton streets noticed a tenant’s door was left open around 5 pm, cops said. The landlord called the tenant and when they both entered the apartment, they saw it had been ransacked and the rear window was damaged, according to a police report.

The resident found $150 was missing and the responsible parties had left some bolt cutters behind, authorities said.

Camera footage showed a couple of crooks breaking into the building, police said, but no one could identify the duo.

— Allegra Hobbs