Gunman shoots teen in the butt

90th Precinct

Southside Williamsburg

Rear entry

Someone shot a teenager in the torso and butt, cops said.

Police said officers responded to complaints of gunshots in the back of a building on Humboldt Street at the corner of Flushing Avenue at 10:45 pm on April 18, where they found a teen who had been shot. But the youngster was uncooperative and would not identify his attacker, authorities said.

Emergency personnel took the teenager to Kings County Hospital for treatment.

Bottling it up

An argument at a bodega escalated when an aggressive goon hit a guy over the head with a glass bottle, a report said.

The victim told police that he was inside a store at the corner of Scholes and Humboldt streets at 1 am on April 18 when another guy in the shop started arguing with him. The brute then grabbed a glass bottle, hit the victim over the head with it, and ran out of the store, police said.

Hand over fist

A scoundrel held up a man at knife point and stole his cash, according to a report.

The victim told police he was walking in front of Hewes Street and Harrison Avenue at 7:45 am on April 17 when a lout put a knife in his face.

“Give me everything you got,” the robber said. The victim then took his cash out of his pocket and handed the knife-wielder $60. The robber took it and ran away, police said

BMX bandits

A gang of kids on bicycles surrounded a guy and stole his backpack, a report said.

The victim told police that he was taking out the trash behind Orient Avenue between Olive Street and Metropolitan Avenue at 9:15 pm on April 17 when seven or eight guys rode up on bicycles and grabbed his backpack. The victim tried to snatch the bag back, and one of the bruisers punched him several times in the face and body giving him a bloody lip, before the teens rode off, according to police.

Party night

A pair of randy ruffians robbed a bodega at gunpoint, stealing cash and condoms, police said.

The victim reported to authorities that she was working at a bodega on Bushwick Avenue between Moore and Varet streets at 9:10 pm on April 15 when two guys came in wearing masks and gloves, and one of them put a gun to her head.

“Do not talk or I will kill you,” the robber said, according to police.

The other one went behind the counter and grabbed $1200 in cash and a $20 box of condoms, a report said.

Heavy metal

A quartet of violent teens attacked another youth with a metal pipe, authorities said.

The 17-year-old victim told cops that he was walking on Havemeyer Street between Broadway and S. Fifth Street at 4:30 pm on April 15 when four guys surrounded him and one of them hit him over the head with a pipe. The victim fell to the ground and the ruffians continued to hit him before running off, police said.

Emergency personal took the victim to Woodhall Hospital with injuries to the back of his head and back.

— Danielle Furfaro

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