Gunmen raid E. 92nd Street bodega

Bodega raid

Three gun-toting goons charged into an E. 92nd Street bodega on March 18, taking $2,000 from the till and the four victims they found inside.

The victims told police that the three thieves — their heads covered with scarves — entered the store, which is near Farragut Road, at 8:30 pm and flashed a gun, demanding all the money from the register. They then ordered the two employees and two customers to hand over their cash and wallets.

Beat boob

A 17-year-old was arrested on March 20 after he refused a cop’s demand to turn down his music down on a Canarsie-bound L train.

Police said the music coming from the teen’s cellphone was so loud as the train reached Glenwood Road and Rockaway Parkway that a transit cop ordered him to lower the volume, but the teen refused.

When the cop pressed the issue and told the teen to get off the train, the 17-year-old shoved the cop aside and put him in the head lock — only to be arrested after a brief struggle.

Perp pat down

A 17-year-old was arrested on March 16 after he robbed another teen on Avenue J.

The victim was nearing E. 101st Street at 4:30 pm when two thugs approached, demanding he give up his cellphone.

The thieves punched their victim, swiped the phone, then patted down his pockets to see if there was anything else worth taking.

The thieves fled the area with the teen’s cellphone and backpack — but cops apprehended one of them a short time later.

Left brutalized

An 18-year-old was arrested on March 19 for beating another man inside an E. 102nd Street address, leaving his victim with a smattering of bruises.

The Bayview Houses resident told police that he and his 18-year-old assailant were arguing near Seaview Avenue at 8:30 am when the attack took place.

Beaten and robbed

A thug jumped a 42-year-old man on Avenue J on March 13, taking his wallet.

The victim was nearing E. 58th Street at 1 am when the thief attacked, leaving his victim with injuries to the head and eyes.

Stabbed on Utica

A thug stabbed a 32-year-old man in the chest on March 18 during a violent clash on Avenue N.

The victim told police that he was having words with his assailant — a complete stranger — near Utica Avenue when he the thug lunged at him.

Shot down

A gunman opened fire on a 28-year-old near Flatlands Avenue on March 8, wounding him.

Witnesses said that the gunman let loose a barrage of bullets near E. 56th Street at 3 am, hitting his victim in the neck, back and arm. The victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, cops said.

Shoved out

A wayward motorist — possibly a dollar van driver — left a 33-year-old man hospitalized on March 12 after he forced his victim out of his van while driving near Avenue I and Utica Avenue.

Witnesses said the victim was thrown out of the van at 9:10 pm. The victim was knocked unconscious and rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he remained in the intensive care over the weekend, cops said.

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