Gunmen rob man in parking lot

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Pistol-packing perps

Four gunmen robbed a man at a Washington Avenue parking lot on July 23.

The victim told police that he pulled his car into the garage between Park and Myrtle avenues at 11:45 p.m., when the nogoodniks walked up to the driver-side door and uttered their threats.

“Don’t move, I’ve been watching you since the movies, get on the floor,” one of the goons allegedly snarled.

When the victim refused, one thief pulled out a gun and growled, “I’ll blow your f—–g head off,” before snatching his watch, car keys, bank card, and drivers license, according to cops.

Knife guys

A group of knife-wielding goons robbed a guy on Washington Avenue on July 23.

The victim told police that he was near DeKalb Avenue when the villains snuck up from behind, pulled out their blades at 11:40 p.m.

The thieves snatched the man’s phone and bag, before making a run for it towards the Clinton-Washington Avenues G train station, cops said.

Not too sharp

Police arrested a guy they suspect of slashing his girlfriend on Navy Walk on July 28.

The victim told police that she and her beau got into an argument when the suspect allegedly picked up 8-inch knives, flung them around, slashing her right hand, inside the apartment near Myrtle Avenue at 9:10 p.m.

Cops rushed to the scene and tried to cuff the suspect, who dropped the knife but fled down the stairwell with one handcuff on, before he was caught by another cop in Fort Greene Park around 9:45 p.m., according to the authorities.

Police slapped the suspect with felony assault charges for the incident.

Best buds

A brute choked a woman on Clinton Avenue on July 25.

The victim told police she was near Myrtle Avenue when her friend came up to her and put her in a choke hold before making a run for it at 7:30 p.m.

Package perp

A thief stole a man’s packages on Grand Avenue on July 6.

The victim told cops he was left for the weekend at 8:30 a.m. and when he returned the next day at 8 p.m., he saw that someone had stolen four packages from his place between Park and Myrtle avenues.

— Kevin Duggan