Gunning for store receipts

Utica raid

A pair of thieves barreled into a Utica Avenue store on May 4, taking $930.

The crooks, who were sporting black masks and latex gloves, flashed firearms and ordered everyone to the ground once they stepped inside at 10:45 pm. The suspects fled after forcing a manager to empty out a store register and a safe.

Tug of bag

Two thugs tried to steal a woman’s handbag during a May 2 confrontation on Kings Highway, but ended up running off empty-handed.

The woman was nearing Flatbush Avenue at 11 pm when the suspects blocked her path and grabbed her handbag.

But the woman managed to fight the suspects off and run away, leaving the muggers in the dust.

Beaten and robbed

A dastardly duo jumped a 23-year-old man onAvenue I on May 2, taking $450 and an assortment of jewelry.

The victim was nearing E. 46th Street at 10:45 pm when the suspects grabbed him, punched him in the mouth, and took his belongings.

Cellphone swipe

A thug snagged a cellphone from a 12-year-old boy on May 4 following a confrontation on Avenue K.

The victim was nearing Nostrand Avenue when the thief approached and ordered the pre-teen to empty his pockets.

Tag team

Two punks worked together to rob a 46-year-old man on Avenue I on May 7.

The victim was approaching E. 39th Street at 12:30 pm when the suspects grabbed him.

One of the thugs put the victim in a chokehold while the other flashed a knife and rifled through the man’s pockets, police were told.

Bell boob

A thief entering an E. 55th Street home checked to see if anyone was home by ringing the doorbell — but still found herself coming face-to-face with the homeowner during the May 5 break-in.

The 29-year-old suspect — a woman — forced the front door at about 2:37 pm, only to turn around and run off once she realized someone was inside.

Gun robber sought

Three thugs jumped a 19-year-old on Avenue J on April 26 — taking the young man’s gun.

The victim was nearing E. 57th Street at 5:25 pm when the thieves attacked, running off with his weapon after the confrontation.


A thief broke into the Floyd Bennett American Legion Post on Avenue N, taking $60 during the April 28 burglary.

Post members said that the thief wiggled his way into the building, which is near E. 56th Street, through an open air conditioner sleeve in the wall.

Inspector damage

A Bergen Beach resident was being sought on assault charges after he slammed a car door on a Department of Buildings inspector on April 26 — leaving the city employee with a cut to his leg.

The city worker was planning to inspect an E. 64th Street address at 2 pm, but the resident wouldn’t let him get out of his car — throwing the door shut after the victim opened it.

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