H and M stations are back!

Here’s a sentence we bet you’d never thought you’d hear again: “This is a Manhattan-Bound Q train. The next stop is Avenue H.”

Believe it! Manhattan-bound train returned to the Avenue H and Avenue M station on the B and Q lines on Monday for the first time since construction closed the stations in the Fall of 2010.

And residents and business owners living and working around the beleaguered stations couldn’t be happier.

“It’s really great the MTA is finally doing things, because this station was gone for a while.” said Yuliya Zagoruykos, a 20-year-old Brooklyn College student.

Since the closing, many Midwood residents had to add 15–20 minutes to their commute to make time to get to the next station.

But on Monday, afternoon, students crowded the Avenue M station after classes to head home.

“I’m extremely glad this station is open now,” said Zagoruykos.

And businesses suffered under the curse of the construction at the stations, both located between E. 15th and E. 16th street, according to those we spoke to. But now owners see a bright future.

“We lost 20 percent of our business when that platform was closed.” says Alexander Alexander, manager of Capital H, a service center between E. 16th and E. 17th streets. “Now, we’re going to have more business, which means more quality, and will definitely help us expand.”

Beginning on Oct. 3, express service will be restored on the line, with the B-train once again skipping the stations at avenues U, M, J, and H as well as Beverly, Cortelyou, Neck roads, and, of course, Parkside Avenue.