Hand-in-hand! Gowanus couple show strength in arm-wrestling championships

Hand-in-hand! Gowanus couple show strength in arm-wrestling championships
Steve Solomonson

Some of the city’s biggest biceps flexed their way to dominance at the 2012 Brooklyn-Kingsboro Arm-Wrestling Championships on Aug. 26 — including the Gowanus pair who’ve brought holding hands to a whole new level.

Joyce Boone — who dominated at the NYC Big Apple Grapple International, the New York State Arm-Wrestling Championship, and the Empire State Championship in Manhattan earlier this year — overpowered her competitors in the Women’s Open Right Division on Sunday to take home a medallion and a $100 cash prize.

Boone said her hand-to-hand combat with second-place righty Ana Kenah of Jersey City was a struggle worthy of a Stallone flick.

“I was trying to get a grip on her and my arm slipped out,” Boone recalled. “They had to strap us in.”

Boone got the upper hand, but Kenah held out by a hand’s breadth.

“I had her almost to the pad, but we were there for a while before I got her all the way down,” Boone said.

But Boone could only raise one arm as champion — the Garden State girl took the southpaw prize.

Meanwhile, Boone’s longtime paramour and occasional wrestling partner Harry Wilson came in third place in the 154-pound men’s left-hand competition, and failed to place in the right — falling with both arms to rival and fellow Brooklynite Oleh Frankivskyy, who also topped Wilson in the Empire State Championships.

Boone said Wilson — who took on an aggressive regimen of push-ups, pull-ups, and weightlifting in the weeks before the challenge — took the loss well, although there was some disappointment.

“He was feeling good, though maybe like he should’ve done a little better,” said Boone.

“We were both really sore afterward.”

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