Handgun toting hardhat identified

Hardhat hoisted off

Police said they’ve arrested a career-criminal in connection with last month’s hard hat raid in Homecrest.

The suspect, Sammy Ramos, was accused of committing three robberies when cops from the 61st Precinct took him into custody last week. One of them involved the incident on East 28th Street between Avenues S and T on April 12.

Cops were told that a young man was getting ready for work inside his basement apartment at 1:20 pm when he heard someone forcing open the rear door.

When he investigated, he allegedly came face to face with Ramos, who was dressed in an orange vest, white hardhat and a pair of sunglasses.

Rounding out the ensemble was the pistol he had in his hand, cops were told.

“Don’t move,” the thief ordered.

Instead of obeying, the victim ran out the door, dialing 911 as he escaped to the backyard.

Cops said Ramos exited the home a few minutes later, waved his gun around at the victim and a handful of other witnesses and ran off.

Responding officers followed the thief, but lost him during a search of neighboring backyards.

Investigators said that Ramos had committed a similar robbery in Sheepshead Bay and in Sunset Park before being picked up and charged with multiple counts of robbery.

Stabbed four times

An East 35th Street man was hospitalized on April 29 after a 16-year-old repeatedly jammed a knife into his chest during a bloody scrape.

Police said that the unnamed teen was taken into custody on attempted murder charges following the 8:45 pm melee between Avenues J and K.

Prosecutors said that the teen and victim were arguing when the suspect grabbed a knife and attacked.

When cops arrived, the victim was on his way to a local hospital, getting treatment for the multiple puncture wounds he sustained.

The bloody knife was found right where the teen had dropped it after the attack, prosecutors were told.

Jack of all crimes

A gun-toting goon haggled with his would-be victim on April 24, ultimately taking a 1997 Mitsubishi the woman abandoned during her escape.

The woman told police that she was sitting inside her Mitsubishi at a parking lot on Ralph Avenue between Glenwood Road and Flatlands Avenue — just paces from South Shore High School — at 9:30 pm when the perp yanked open a rear driver’s side door and flashed a gun, ordering her to hand over her cash.

But the woman threw a wrench into his plans, claiming that she had no money on her.

The thief concocted a plan to have the victim drive him to an ATM so she could pull out some money from her account when the woman jumped out and ran off.

Left sitting in the car alone, the thief drove off with the vehicle, said police, who were still searching for the gunman and his new hot wheels as this paper went to press.

Robbed at bus stop

A 15-year-old boy was attacked on April 30 as he waited for the B82 bus on Kings Highway.

The victim, a Canarsie resident, said that he had just left school and was waiting for the bus on Bedford Avenue when five teens jumped him at 2:15 pm.

The suspects punched and kicked their victim as they robbed him of $3, said cops, who were still looking for the thugs as this paper went to press.

Police pinch

A road rage incident in Homecrest on April 29 ended in an arrest when the two motorists responsible for the attack nearly side-swiped a police car.

Prosecutors alleged that 28-year-old Zab Aurang and 29-year-old Nadeem Mohammad were in a heated argument with another motorist on Avenue U near East 18th Street when they smashed the man’s driver side window with a tire iron. The shattered glass cut their victim’s face and hands.

The two men then jumped into their 2000 Dodge Caravan and sped off, blew a light on Avenue V and nearly hit a passing cop car before they were tracked down and taken into custody, charged with menacing, harassment and assault.

Beaten and robbed

A heavy-handed thug attacked and robbed a 51-year-old woman as she walked down Kings Highway on April 22.

Police were told that the woman was approaching East 35th Street at 8:50 pm when the unidentified suspect crept up and punched her in the back of the head, sending her scrambling onto the concrete.

The thief ordered her to give up her property, but the woman refused, prompting another beating.

The suspect punched the woman in the face repeatedly before running off with $150 and some credit cards, police said.

Bergen break-in

A brazen thief broke into a Bergen Beach home on April 20 after forcing open the front door.

The East 70th Street resident between Avenues M and N said that when he returned home at 1:30 pm he found his door open. The door frame was damaged.

It was unclear what was taken as this paper went to press.

Lock snipper sought

A thief with a good sense of timing is being sought for breaking into a watch repair shop on April 22.

Police said that someone snipped the security gate locks to Express Watch and Jewelry Repair on Ralph Avenue between Avenues K and L sometime after 4:15 pm.

Once inside, all the thief took was $40 and an assortment of jewelry, cops said.

Basement break-in

A thief wiggled his way through a basement window to get into a Mill Basin home on April 23.

Police said that the thief snapped the lock to the window sometime after 12:30 pm.

The 50-year-old homeowner was still working on a list of what was taken as this paper went to press.

Pocket run

A mugger beat a 16-year-old on April 24 after the teen refused to adhere to a “run your pocket” order.

The victim said that he was passing the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Avenue K just after 1:30 am when a Hispanic male confronted him.

“Run your pockets,” the man said, which is slang for “Empty your pockets.”

When the victim kept on walking, the thief attacked. He then ran off, but not before rifling through the victim’s pockets and removing something he couldn’t give up — $1,500, police said.

Quick rob

Thieves lifted $10 off a 14-year-old boy during a fast exchange on April 24.

The teen said he was approaching the corner of East 32nd Street and Avenue K in Flatlands when the suspects walked up and demanded his property.

Fearing for his life, he handed over the cash without argument, cops were told.

Flatlands brawl

Cops were called to Avenue H between East 55th and East 56th streets on May 2 following an early morning brawl.

Officials said that a 16-year-old girl was arrested after she attacked another young woman at 10 am, choking her and scratching her chest.

The girl also pulled a knife and threatened to kill her victim, said police, who charged her with assault in the third degree, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

It was unclear what sparked the brawl as this paper went to press.

Busted for robbery

Cops have arrested a 22-year-old in connection with a gunpoint robbery in Mill Basin on November 1, 2009.

Police said Jeffrey Wynne was charged with robbery in the first degree, grand larceny and petit larceny for pulling a gun on a teen on Avenue N and East 56th Street at 9 pm.

Wynne and his alleged accomplices — who remained at large — swiped their victim’s iPod, cell phone, jacket and boots before running off, police said.

Who’s old?

A couple in their sixties was arrested on April 23 for attacking each other during a domestic spat.

Police said that when they were called to the corner of Ralph Avenue and Avenue K on 4:40 pm, a 60-year-old woman said that her 61-year-old husband had struck her with a car club, leaving her with light injuries.

But the 61-year-old said that his wife gave as good as she got. She had attacked him first, hitting him with a glass bottle, he said.

Police said that both were taken into custody, charged with assault.

Purse grab

A woman was thrown to the ground and robbed of her purse as she walked through Midwood on April 25.

Cops were told that the victim was nearing the corner of East 19th Street and Avenue J at 10:16 am when the thief bowled into her, knocking her to the ground.

He then scooped up the purse and ran off with it.

Responding officers later arrested the suspect, identified as 20-year-old Guillermo Rosas, and charged him with robbery in the second degree.

Police said that the woman suffered some scrapes to her hands and knees and some bruises.

Window smash

A vandal busted a 19-year-old’s car window on April 25 in the most unlikely of places — traffic.

The victim said that he was sitting in his idling 2008 Nissan Altima on East 7th Street between Avenues R and S at 10 am when the unidentified suspect smashed the rear window.

The vandal was gone before the motorist could figure out what had happened, cops said.

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