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Crack it open: Joseph Paolillo III is ready to see what prize his egg contains at an Easter egg hunt at Our Lady of Grace on March 21.
Photo by Arthur De Gaeta

The weather couldn’t crack these kids.

A little snow didn’t stop a handful of excited tots from hunting for Easter eggs at Our Lady of Grace church in Gravesend on March 21. About 30 kids collected the multi-colored symbols of spring — fewer than organizers had anticipated, because the previous evening’s snowfall deterred families from taking a crack at the egg hunt, an organizer said. But the less-adventurous missed a lot of fun and the beautiful pre-hunt scenery on the church’s well-manicured lawns, an organizer said.

“The night before we had snow, so the eggs looked really pretty in the grotto on the snow,” said organizer JoAnn Cassata, who helped Boy Scout Troop 376 hide 1,000 eggs in the church’s green space.

There was a shortage of little ones, but that meant an abundance of eggs.

“They got to collect as many eggs as they wanted,” said Mary Ann De Luca, who puts together the church’s Christmas and Easter festivals.

Kids amassed the pastel tokens and turned them in for candy donated by Imperial Tae Kwon Do academy on Avenue U, De Luca said. Organizers set up the shell game so kids wouldn’t crack their eggs on the lawn and leave plastic strewn about, she said.

When wee ones weren’t snapping up the plastic eggs they were painting the real thing — each child got the chance to dye and take home a hard-boiled egg, organizers said.

And the Easter Bunny made an appearance, posing so tykes could take pictures with the venerable holiday mascot.

The hunt kicked off at 1 pm, but the last egg wasn’t claimed until nearly 5 pm, Cassata said.

“It was a long day,” she said. “But so much fun for the kids.”

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Hoppy to see you: Gabriella Cavanaugh visits with the Easter Bunny.
Photo by Arthur De Gaeta

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