He stabbed to save his own life

A friend in need

A pair of friends was attacked on Shore Parkway on Aug. 30, but some quick wits — and a pocketknife — may have saved their lives.

The victims, a young man and woman, were walking near Bay 16th Street at around 1:30 am when four perps approached them and began hitting and kicking the teenaged boy, eventually throwing him to the ground.

The teen told cops that while he was on the ground, he became fearful for his life and that of his friend, who was being dragged down a flight of stairs by three of the thugs, so he stabbed the kicking perp him in the stomach with his pocket knife.

All four thugs then fled.

Eight is enough

A teenage victim was attacked on Cropsey Avenue when eight perps beat him with clubs on Aug. 28.

The boy told cops that he was walking near Bay 25th Street at around 5:30 pm when eight criminals surrounded him and began to punch him. The vicious thugs then pulled out clubs and beat the victim over the head.

Apple bite

A thief held up — and bit — an iPhone-toting man on Quentin Road on Aug. 31.

The victim told cops that he was walking near Dahill Road at around 2:30 pm when the perp approached, displayed a knife and demanded his phone.

Before the victim could offer the mobile, however, the perp swung the knife and bit the man in the back of the neck. The victim dropped the cellphone, and the perp ran off.

Rear window

It was a week of rear-window break-ins in Bensonhurst. Here’s a rundown:

• A man’s apartment on 82nd Street was robbed of more than $5,000 on Aug. 24. The victim told cops that when he entered his place, which is between 19th and 20th avenues, he noticed that the metal bars over his rear window had been removed, along with his cash and jewels.

• A 65th Street house was broken into on Aug. 29. According to cops, the victim returned to her home, which is between 25th Avenue and Bay 40th Street, at around 6:30 pm and noticed her rear window was ajar. She found that $380 and some jewelry were missing.

• Another rear window was tampered with when a 65th Street home was robbed on Aug. 29. The victim told cops that when he entered his house, which is between 23rd and 24th avenues, he found that all of his furniture had been moved. When police arrived, they noticed that the rear window by the fire escape had been broken into.

— Michael Lipkin