Heights residents complain of noise from Park movie series

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Even a park is too loud for Brooklyn Heights residents!

After the July 8 screening of “Annie Hall,” the first of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s “Movies With a View” series this year, and the July 15 screening of “Monsters vs. Aliens,” complaints started flooding in.

“There were swift and numerous complaints after the first event,” said Rob Perris, district manager of Community Board 2. “I think what we have to find out is how the sound travels, and how it is best contained.”

The key, apparently, was the new location for the popular film series, which has been in the adjacent Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park for 10 years. It moved to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1, at the foot of Old Fulton Street, this year.

Park officials responded swiftly to the complaints — in the form of a letter.

And there was no apology, but merely notification that there will be plenty more amplified events in the park’s two areas this summer, including a spoken word and music series, a recital by the Metropolitan Opera, and of course, movies every Thursday night.

“We have done our best to minimize noise spillover outside the park’s boundaries,” said Brooklyn Bridge Park President Regina Myer in the letter. “However, we ask for your patience, and your feedback, as we fine-tune the presentation.”

Officials also said that they’re trying to appease the party-poopers by turning the speakers toward the East River, but admitted that the film series — which attracts up to 4,500 people every week — may need some “alternative speakers” that do a better job at amplifying the noise away from the Heights.

All the events take place in the evening, starting between 8:30 and 9 pm. The job, Perris said, is balancing how to keep everyone happy.

“The park should be an active park,” Perris said. “That said, the park should not be a burden.”

Which way will it go? Well, this Thursday’s screening is “The Big Lebowski,” and bowling pins can get loud.

“The Big Lebowski” in Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 [foot of Old Fulton Street in DUMBO, (718) 802-0603], July 23, 8:30 pm.