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Here it is! A special Hurricane Sandy Standing O

Providing: The Walgreens Wellness bus parked on Neptune Avenue and gave out supplies to residents on Nov. 8.

“Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” — Talmud

To each and every good Samaritan, no matter which borough he hails from, whether they be a big corporation or an individual, from the smallest act of kindness to the biggest, Standing O gives a rousing Shout Out of huzzahs to all that united for the common good.

So here’s a very special Hurricane Sandy edition of Standing O, sending out a thanks a bunch to:

Walgreens teamed up with the National Urban League and sent out the big wellness bus (normally used for medical screenings) full of supplies including blankets, hand warmers, wipes, bottled water, snacks, and a whole lot more. The magical, mystical supply bus, which was parked in the Neptune Avenue location on Nov. 8, also acted as a charging station for all those hand-held electric devices that we just can’t live without. Residents lined up and were able to obtain supplies free of charge. Can you believe it? Absolutely, positively for free. The bus also made stops on Ocean Avenue in Sheepshead Bay on Nov. 9, Long Beach Boulevard in Long Beach on Nov. 10, and in Jersey City on Nov. 11. Again, thanks a bunch!

• Kisses and hugs to God’s Love We Deliver. Its volunteers from across the river in a place called “Soho” biked and walked across bridges to deliver 8,000 meals and 2,300 “Sandy Bags” consisting of emergency food kits, to those left in the dark, cold, and hungry by that wicked old Hurricane Sandy. Working with nothing but flashlights, the dedicated team slogged through receding waters to come a’knocking on doors offering food and a shoulder to lean on. Nonperishable food and meals were supplied to Project Hospitality in Staten Island, the Bowery Mission, the Community and Food Pantry in West Harlem, as well as 750 of its regular stops.

Home visit: Robert Levy of Time Warner Cable gave Red Hook resident Kacania Taylor a helping hand when she couldn’t get out to vote on Election Day.

Five gold stars to Assemblywoman Nicole Mallitokis (R–Bay Ridge), whose district also covers parts of hurricane-ravaged Staten Island, for rolling up her sleeves and joining with staff from the Bay Ridge restaurant Something Greek to pass out gyros, spinach pies, and soup to residents and volunteers in New Dorp Beach, Staten Island. There’s nothing like hot soup and a gyro when you’re cold, hungry, and homeless to lift the spirits.

Rock out to all those SandyBaggers who collected and delivered truckloads of necessities to the Rockaways, Staten Island, and Red Hook. What would we do without you?

• Five Stars to ESquared Hospitality for stocking its “Go Burger Truck” and delivering hot food to volunteers and residents in the city’s hardest hit locations. Stops were made on Nov. 9 at Our Lady of Solace Church, in Coney Island; Nov. 10 at Visitation Church in Red Hook; and St. Mary Star of the Sea Church on Nov. 11 in Far Rockaway.

• Deep-felt appreciation to the students and staff at Fontbonne Hall Academy. The giving girls, under the direction of Sister Dolores Crepeau, collected uniforms and shoes, and other necessities for students who lost their possessions in the storm. Sister Crepeau helped more than 79 families in the Fontbonne clan who have been left homeless with resettlement issues.

Mille grazi to Alice Sena, owner of Sposabella bridal shop in Park Slope. She lost her home in Breezy Point, but it didn’t stop her from volunteering her talents as a cook and helping to prepare meals for the Park Slope Christian Help, Women’s Shelter, and Soup Kitchen in Park Slope.

Lending a hand: Students from Fontbonne Hall Academy collect uniforms and shoes to donate to fellow students left homeless by Hurricane Sandy.

Girl Scout Troop 2737 is hosting an ongoing collection for school supplies to be delivered to children in Coney Island, Rockaway, and Sheepshead Bay. Students in grades pre-K through junior high in Coney Island have been displaced and are being re-routed to other schools in the community. Items requested include pencils, backpacks, crayons, notebooks, and binders. Every little bit helps. Get out there and pick up a marble book or two. Contact Bernadette at (347) 249–1788. Drop-off at Our Lady of Grace Church, 430 Ave. W — Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8 pm.

• Two donuts out to Time Warner Cable. The company heard that Kacania Taylor was stranded in her apartment in Red Hook on Election Day with an electric wheelchair flat out of juice. With no way to power up the chariot, Kacania couldn’t go out and vote. So along came the Time Warner team, headed by Robert Levy, with a portable generator, just like a knight in electric shiny armor, and hooked up her chair via a very long extension cord to fill it up. Kacania was able to go out and fulfil her civic duty!

• More Time Warner: Time Warner also announced it will automatically credit many local residential and business customers whose services were interrupted. It will also waive fees or penalties for equipment like set-top boxes or cable modems lost or damaged because of the storm. For those with service interruptions, Time Warner will provide credit on an individual basis. If you need assistance call (212) 358–0900 or (718) 358–0900. Business customers can call (877) 227–8711, or visit timewarnercable.com.

• Owner of Casa Pepe and Tio Pepe volunteer first responder Jimmy Sanz didn’t have an ounce of electricity for more than a week, but that didn’t stop him from getting together with fellow do-gooders John Phillipidis and Frank Cushner to load up trucks full of supplies and deliver them to those in need in Coney Island and Staten Island. Me casa sua Casa Pepe.

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Birds of feather: (From left) Jimmy Sanz — owner of Casa Pepe, Tio Pepe, and volunteer first responder — unloaded supplies with Frank Cushner, of Ensemble Financial, at Grace Bible School on Staten Island.

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