Here it is — our weekly tribute to local heroes

Here it is — our weekly tribute to local heroes

By Joanna Del Buono

Park Slope

When Vermont ex-pats Shane Chick and Heather Conrad saw the devastation of their beloved former homeland as a result of Hurricane Irene, they knew they had to do something. Shane, a stay-at-home dad and artist, hatched an idea to solicit donations of art to be sold at an on-line auction. He teamed up with childhood friend Heather, whom he met in seventh grade way back in his Vermont days, and posted on Facebook, asking for donations. Quicker than you can say, “Vermont maple syrup,” Highwater heART was born. The works came flooding in. Artist and fellow Vermonter Katherine Montstream, folk artist Warren Kimble and woodcut printmaker Mary Azarian sent in many items to be auctioned off. Park Sloper photographer Bill Wadman created a homage to Norman Rockwell’s “Gossip,” featuring people texting, tweeting and Facebook-ing instead of telephoning each other (at the end, a man gives out a bag of groceries to a flood victim).

The auction ends this weekend on Sept. 30. There’s still time to pick up a one-of-a-kind work and help with relief efforts. Visit tinyurl.com/highwaterheart.

She’s no turkey

Current Manhattanite and ex-Sloper Josette D’Ambosi — hey, there’s no accounting for taste — but we’ll forgive her, ’cause she still visits family here — and her band mates, Genna Griffith and Lynelle Jonsson of United We Sing will be marching their tushies off at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Nov. 24. The vocal trio met while performing at USO functions including hospitals, ceremonies and military events. When the USO gig was finished and inspired by the experience the girls decided to stick it out, stay together and keep on performing. To date United We Sing has appeared in the national Memorial Day Parade in Washington, the New York City Veterans Day Parade, (Standing O sees a pattern here), Carnegie Hall and the Hammerstein Ballroom as well as the Macy’s Fourth of July extravaganza where they performed the quintessential army number “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”

Standing O will be cheering the trio from the sidelines (sitting on the couch sipping on hot cocoa while the turkey bastes).

How Swe(e)ta it is

Congrats to Sweta Chawla. Park Sloper Sweta was honored by Health Mart Diabetes Care with its award for excellence for going above and beyond to provide exemplary education, guidance and service to customers managing their diabetes. Our pal Sweta is the only Brooklynite to win this national award. The board certified diabetes educator helps Kings Pharmacy in Park Slope to operate the only pharmacy in the city that offers diabetes education to patients, by leading group classes, support groups and one-on-one service. In addition to working at Kings Pharmacy, Sweta also serves as Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at Long Island University. “We recognize that diabetes is a serious epidemic and Sweta has proven herself as a go-to-resources for those managing their disease,” said Chuck Wilson, Health Mart vice president.

Sweta Chawla.

Kings Pharmacy [357 Flatbush Ave. between Seventh and Eighth avenues in Park Slope, (718) 230-3535].


King of Kings reigns

Ken Daily, president of National Grid, never planned on being a king, but it’s what he turned out to be. Our pal Ken was recently recognized at the first ever “Kings of Kings County” championship awards and networking event for his continued dedication, leadership and participation in helping the community. “I’m humbled by the recognition, especially since it comes from the community that I have deep roots in,” said the native son, who grew up in Gerritsen Beach. All hail the new King.

Sunset Park

A decade of great care

Calvery Hospital has been providing care to the community since 1899 in that other borough, the Bronx, but it’s only been in our borough for the past 10 years at Lutheran Medical Center. It’s the only hospital within a hospital in the whole state.

Through its compassionate, well-trained staff, the center has treated more than 4,000 patients, provided home hospice care for hundreds more and helped adults learn how to heal and live again in its bereavement support groups.

Calvary Hospital at Lutheran Medical Center [150 55th St. between First and Second avenues in Sunset Park, (718) 518-2300].

Ex Sloper and member of United We Sing, Josette D’Ambosi.

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