Here they are — your Sarah Jessica Parker pictures

Photo by Tom Callan

“Sex and the City” babe Sarah Jessica Parker put Brooklyn Heights behind a Manhattan-style velvet rope on Wednesday, sending star-struck neighbors into a tizzy.

Sarah Jessica Parker was radiant as she filmed a scene from “I Don’t Know How She Does It” on Garden Place on Wednesday.
Photo by Tom Callan

The waifish actress shot a scene from her new working-mom romantic comedy, “I Don’t Know How She Does it,” on Garden Place with quirky-cute Greg Kinnear, who plays her assistant.

The filmmakers changed State Street to “Lennox Road” and Garden Place became “Waltham Place.”
Photo by Tom Callan

Filmmakers lensed the scene on the prototypical Brooklyn stoop belonging to Andrew Zimmerman, who let the crew set up camp for the day. He even had a brief brush with Carrie Bradshaw — err — SJP herself, who did a little lingering in his front hallway.

Later, the Manhattanite Parker finished the scene on a stoop. Yes, the movie is about babies — and the mommies who deal with them.
Photo by Tom Callan

“She’s very sweet, but she was working and I didn’t want to bother her,” he said. “It’s an exciting thing for the neighborhood.”

“Sex and the City” legend Sarah Jessica Parker shot a scene from her new movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Greg Kinnear on Garden Place in Brooklyn Heights on Monday.
Photo by Tom Callan

The scene involved Parker’s character schlepping a bunch of toys from the apartment to a car — but the film is set in the fall, so film crew members spent much of the morning clearing the lingering snow mounds from the block.

The crew also changed neighborhood street signs to read “Waltham Place” and “Lennox Road” instead of Garden Place and State Street.

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