Here’s how to score: Singles softball wants you

Here’s how to score: Singles softball wants you
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

The softball league that wants you to score in more ways than one is back for another spring fling.

Singles Softball Saturdays, the co-ed league that prides itself on its ability to make you sweat on and off the field, is looking for a new crop of swinging ball players to sign up for its latest season that kicks off on May 21 at McCaren Park.

The year-old league hit a home run last spring, when it helped numerous Brooklynites eager to meet that special someone play the field while literally playing the field.

League founder Jacob Reuben said that last season’s statistics show that the league is a more bankable dating option than the Bedford Avenue bar scene because it’s easy to get to know “team-mates” on the field before you try to round the bases with them elsewhere.

“Everyone is sweaty, you’re in it together, and there’s a team camaraderie,” said Reuben.

That can lead to extra-innings for some players, and Reuben claims last season ended with some serious relationships — even though none of the players have taken that walk down the aisle.

That said, couples that have hit it off are banned from the league this year to ensure all teammates and opponents are truly players.

“It’s exclusive to singles,” said Reuben. “Couples can find other places to play.”

The 150-person, 10-team league plays at the softball field off N. 12th Street on Saturday afternoons and runs for eight weeks.

And you don’t have to be Casey at the bat to get into the swing of things: players use a giant 16-inch-round ball, which is easier to hit and, of course, suggestive of inappropriate, awkward metaphors.

Singles Softball Saturdays at McCarren Park. Bedford Ave at N. 12th Street. Greenpoint. League fees $115. For info, e-mail [email protected] and receive a $20 off discount if you mention this article.