Here’s one you didn’t read about in the papers

There it was, clear as day on the press release: “X-ray invisible knives??? Assemblyman Colton targets potential terrorist weapon: Introduces bill to ban undetectable knives.”

You would think that such a headline would get media attention, and it did: Channels 2, 4, 5 and 11, along with News 12, telecast the story. But, oddly enough, none of the daily papers thought it worthy enough to print! The press conference was on the metropolitan day book so the papers knew about it.

This is the press release of the story they wouldn’t print!

“On Sunday morning, Oct. 10, Assemblyman William Colton held a press conference using John Dewey High School’s metal detector. The Gravesend-Bensonhurst legislator publicized a potential threat to the public that needs to be addressed in New York State. Assemblyman Colton has introduced Bill (A. 10036/S.6938) which will ban the manufacture, sale or importation of knives that do not have metal content that can freely pass through metal detectors. Such hard plastic knives were banned in California; Assemblyman Colton fashioned his bill after that law.

Assemblyman Colton was joined by Congressman Michael E. McMahon, of NY’s 13th Congressional District who promised to introduce similar legislation on the federal level and Todd Dobrin, a member of Community Board 13 and other community leaders. Dobrin brought the undetectable weapons to Assemblyman Colton’s attention after easily purchasing them from a flea market and the internet. Both blades and handles of the knives were constructed of fiberglass reinforced nylon and were originally made for covert law enforcement and military use, however, anyone can purchase them through the mail and internet.

After viewing the assortment of weapons: brass-knuckles, comb-knife, letter opener and button-locked pocket knives available to the general public, Assemblyman Colton drafted the legislation stating, ‘I’m shocked and horrified after the 9-11 attack that knives are being sold to the general public that can avoid detection in our airports, schools, courts and other public places employing metal detectors. We must be vigilant and stay one step ahead of terrorists’ plotting to do us harm. Pursuing policies which strip terrorists of their ability to carry out future attacks is, and always will be, a priority of mine,’ said Assemblyman Colton.

Onlookers were amazed when Dobrin passed through the metal detectors silently with a half dozen weapons on him, because previously he walked through sounding off the alarm with his watch, pen, wallet, coins, rings, keys and shoes, which were then removed. Assemblyman Colton acknowledged the cooperation of the NYPD, the Division of School Safety Officers and the NYC Department of Education.”

What wasn’t mentioned in the press release was going through all the red tape to open a high school that had metal detectors; which necessitated going through the Department of Education and the NYC Police Department that controls all city-owned metal detectors in New York City. Also, that not only were the weapons undetected by the school’s metal detector, but escaped detection by the portable hand wand.

Assemblyman Colton needed to have Dobrin test the knives the Friday before the Sunday event. I accompanied him to Dewey High School after having made all the arrangements with the school for the test run. The school safety officers were amazed at the results. Dobrin had taken off his belt and his shoes, which were sounding the alarm after he had already removed all metal objects from his person, then he walked through freely, no alarm! But he pulled eight metal-free weapons one-by-one in front of the officers, placing them on a desk to be examined.

Everyone that saw the weapons was shocked that they were so dangerous and easily obtainable. Congressman Michael McMahon committed himself to introduce legislation that would ban these weapons. So thanks to Dobrin for bringing this serious threat to Assemblyman Colton and thanks to Colton for acting so quickly to publicize this threat.

But no thanks to our daily New York newspapers!

Screech at you next week!