Here’s Weiner’s full rant

Here is the full text of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s 1:42 tirade on the House floor on Thursday night, as transcribed from a C-Span video.

Great courage to wait until all members have already spoken and then stand up and wrap your arms around procedure. We see it in the United States Senate every single day, where members say, ‘We want amendments, we want debate, we want amendments — but we’re still a ‘no.’ ”

And then we stand up and say, “Oh if only we had a different process we’d vote yes.” You vote yes if you believe yes! You vote in favor of something if you believe it’s the right thing! If you believe it’s the wrong thing, you vote no!

[Attempted interruption by off-camera congressman.]

I will not yield to the gentleman! And the gentleman will observe regular order! The gentleman will observe regular order!

Gentleman thinks that if he gets up and yells he’s going to intimidate people into believing he is right. He is wrong! The gentleman is wrong! The gentleman is providing cover for his colleagues rather than doing the right thing!

It’s Republicans wrapping their arms around Republicans, rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the heroes. It is a shame. It is a shame!

If you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care then vote no. But don’t give me the cowardly view that, “Oh, if it was a different procedure…”

[Another attempt is made to interrupt Weiner.]

The gentleman will observe regular order and sit down! The gentleman will sit! The gentleman is correct in sitting!

I will not stand here and listen to my colleagues say, “Oh if only I had a different procedure that allows us to stall stall stall — and then vote no.” Instead of standing up and defending your colleagues in voting no on this humane bill, you should urge them to vote yes — something the gentleman has not done.