Hey girls, leave Grady alone!

Cyclone southpaw Grady Hinchman.
The Brooklyn Paper / Gary Thomas

After every Cyclones game (especially after a win!), it’s customary to see players conversing with the female fans outside the stadium. However, one Clone finds himself always going home with the same woman.

Her name is Alexis. Her husband’s name is Grady Hinchman.

Just recently celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary, Hinchman is still gaga over his stunning blonde wife, crediting her as playing an instrumental part in the development of his career.

“I couldn’t have ever asked for more,” said Hinchman, who is 1–1 with a 2.89 ERA and 18 strikeouts in just over 18 innings.

“We got married last year during the all-star break in Hagerstown. She’s always been behind me, 100 percent. If my world came crashing down, I know she would still be there for me.”

Given that Hinchman is getting up in years — he’s 26 — his wife could be the first person to tell him to give up and get a job. But she’s sticking with her man’s plan.

“She was the first one that said I needed to do this,” said Hinchman.

“This isn’t the easiest life to live, going from city to city. But knowing that she totally supports me gives me so much confidence. She’s my biggest fan and supporter.

“It’s great to know that she’s willing to put her life on hold so I can live my dream,” added Hinchman.

“It’s the greatest feeling in the world to know that someone loves me that much and would support me no matter what.”

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