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Hilarious hoofers: Other top picks from the ‘Comedy in Dance Festival’

Danger Zone: In “Modern Dance School Audition: CATS” at Triskelion’s “Comedy in Dance Festival,” performer Dan Danger gives an avant garde take on the popular musical.
Dan Danger

Don’t “get” modern dance? Just add laughter. Triskelion Arts’ annual “Comedy in Dance Festival” is a good opportunity to ease yourself into the genre, said Triskelion Arts’ artistic and executive director Abby Bender. “It’s a great introduction for people who say they don’t like modern dance,” she said. “It will welcome them and comfort them it will not alienate them.” In addition to DNA Comedy’s “We Real Grown,” 28 other dance companies and performers will be at this year’s fest. So we asked Bender to name a few other works that highlight the diversity of the four-day event.

Raving Jaynes

April 3 and 6 at 8 pm.

This one is guaranteed to be something you have never seen before — and never will again. This duo takes all its cues from the audience in a completely improvised show. “It’s a cross-over between comedy improv — where you get a suggestion from the audience — and dance,” said Bender.

Dan Danger

April 6 at 8 pm.

Bender said she is not even sure whether this performer is a professional dancer or a comedian. What she is positive about, however, is that his piece — a modern dance version of the musical “Cats” — is hilarious. “It cracks me up when people move in a dumb, funny way,” said Bender, who has seen a video of the piece. “It’s him in the studio, trying to dance like a serious dancer. It’s hilariously funny to me.”

Peter Kyle Dance

April 6 at 8 pm.

This may be the most exhausting crossword you will ever witness. In this duet, two performers sitting on a bench attempt to complete their respective pen-and-paper puzzles while moving in sync. “It’s impeccably timed and very intelligent and funny,” said Bender.

“Comedy in Dance Festival” in the Triskelion Arts, Aldous Theater [118 N 11th St., third floor, between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, (718) 599–3577, www.triskelionarts.org]. April 3–6 at 8 pm, $15 per night.

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