Hillary or the Socialist — or Biden?

A good friend of mine from the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club who is a devout leftwinger has always bragged that he would rather stay home than vote for a Republican. After voting for Obama the first time he did just that.

He swears he did not show up for the president’s re-election, but he intends to head to the polls in 2016.

“I definitely will vote next year, and as things stand now, my vote goes to Uncle Bernie,” he told me.

Our telephone conversation went on and on, with him telling me why he will not vote for Hillary. “And with the Democrats offering me no alternative to her ….”

Aha! So that’s it. For many Americans, it is Hillary or the Socialist. Either way, their votes go to a socialist. The only real difference between the two is that at least he tells the truth. She was and still is a liar. The most unfortunate part about her lies is that she fabricates fictions about so many unimportant things.

And while we’re on the subject of fabrications, we must not overlook some that come from Donald Trump.

The difference here is that Mr. T doesn’t intentionally spew his hooey. I think he is just uninformed. Take, for example, his statements about vaccines. Do vaccinations cause autism? As a healthcare professional I have had many discussions with knowledgeable members of the medical field and I could not find one study that agrees with Trump. There have been hundreds of studies looking for a relationship between vaccines and autism and there is absolutely no evidence to connect them.

I like Trump, his chutzpah, and his statements about making America great again. Most of all, even though they all may not be accurate, I like his thoughts about immigration.

• • •

In a recent interview, Hillary stated: “I am a real person.”

Yes you are, Mrs. Clinton. You are a real person with the phoniest laugh on the planet. Nobody believes that your cackle is genuine.

• • •

Whenever a political person is caught with his finger in the cookie jar and is encouraged to apologize, he always finishes his statement by saying: “…and I accept responsibility for my actions.” But what happens then? Usually nothing. The next day, it’s business as usual.

The ongoing e-mail scandal about using a private server when she was Secretary of State has been haunting Hillary Clinton for many, many months, causing her popularity to slide lower and lower by the week. During an ABC news interview, she finally said: “That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility.”

Well what do you know? Madam Liar finally admitted her faults and apologized. I really doubt if this sin will go away. Recently, the FBI announced that it is able to recover much of the information from the server that the former First Lady famously joked that she wiped clean “like with a cloth?” The laughing is slowly coming to a halt. If my mother was here, she would say, “Hillary Clinton is ahff tsuris.”

• • •

So, according to the polls, Vice President Joe Biden owns 25 percent of the Democrat party votes — and he’s not even in the race. If that number isn’t encouragement, I don’t know what is.

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net wondering how high that number will be when he finally makes the announcement.

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