Hit-and-run on Flushing Avenue

Hit-and-run on Flushing Avenue
Photo by Aaron Short

A hit-and-run driver critically injured a 2-year-old as he slammed the tot as he was being pushed by his 13-year-old sister near the dangerous corner of Kent and Flushing avenues on Tuesday afternoon.

The tyke remains in critical condition from the 6 pm incident involving the driver of a white van who barreled into the stroller as he made a fast right turn onto Kent Avenue from westbound Flushing Avenue.

Witnesses said that the car ran over the curb, rolled over the boy’s stomach, and did not stop.

The sister was physically unharmed, but the boy was not responsive and unconscious when he was

rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Community leaders are shocked and angry by the crash.

“The entire community is praying for this child,” said Williamsburg activist Isaac Abraham. “I hope that this driver who left the scene will be apprehended by the police department.”

Police are still investigating and have not released the names of the victims.

The manager of a nearby Kent Avenue gas station said he sees crazy driving all the time.

“I see idiots driving,” said BP station manager Mark Sapozhnikov. “People don’t have any patience and they speed if the traffic light allows.”

A bus driver on the B57 bus, which runs on Flushing Avenue, said he has also witnessed all kinds of reckless driving on his route and was not surprised by the accident.

“It’s amazing it doesn’t happen more often,” he said.