‘Holiday Bandit’ pleads guilty in Christmas crime spree

‘Holiday Bandit’ pleads guilty in Christmas crime spree

The “Holiday Bandit” could spend the rest of his Christmases in federal prison — and he won’t be able to use the money he stole for presents.

Marat Mikhaylich, 36, pleaded guilty on Thursday to robbing nine banks in New York and New Jersey — including one in Bay Ridge and one in Kensington — during last year’s season of giving.

As part of his plea, the man known as “The Holiday Bandit” agreed to repay the $70,000 he ripped off — and he also is facing life in prison.

“In the course of these robberies, the defendant put the lives of bank employees and customers in jeopardy,” said U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

Authorities nabbed Mikhaylich in Queens on March 28 after spotting a gold Toyota Camry that the 6-foot-5 Ukraine native allegedly stole after a heist in New Jersey.

In the Bay Ridge crime, cops say that Mikhaylich entered the bank, which is between 85th and 86th streets, at about 10 am and handed the teller a note.

“This is a robbery,” it said. “I have a gun. Give me all the money.”

The teller did as he was told, but the thief wasn’t satisfied, pulling out his gun, waving it at the other tellers and forcing one to give him more money. In the end, Mikhaylich made off with more than $4,300, cops said.

He will be sentenced on Feb. 23.