Hookah attack! Punk uses pipe as weapon in Avenue U skirmish

Hookah hang-up

A 29-year-old was arrested on May 1 for attacking another man with a hefty hookah pipe during a skirmish inside an Avenue U hookah bar.

Guests at the bar, which is between E. 18th and E. 19th streets, said the two men were arguing over a woman at 3:10 am when the suspect picked up the pipe and struck his opponent in the back of the neck with it, leaving the man with a deep cut.

Cops took the hookah hooligan into custody a short time later, charging him with assault.


A thief broke into an E. 18th Street synagogue on May 8, taking $200 from a charity box.

Worshippers at the small shul, which is located between Kings Highway and Quentin Road, said someone ripped the charity box off the wall sometime before the theft was discovered at 8:30 am.

Cars looted

A thief broke into two cars parked on Ocean Avenue on May 8, taking an assortment of electronics.

The crook smashed the passenger side window of a 2009 Nissan Maxima parked near Avenue T and took its navigation system sometime after 1 am.

At around the same time, the thief broke into a 2000 Honda parked nearby, taking an iPod.

No entry

A vandal played a cruel prank on a 46-year-old on May 6 when he super-glued the windshield wipers and door handles to her 2007 Nissan Sentra parked on E. 27th Street.

The owner parked the car between Avenues S and T around 9 pm, and returned around 11 am the next morning. That’s when she discovered her car was glued shut.

Plumbing predators

A 51-year-old thief was arrested on May 3 after he and two accomplices were caught swiping copper pipes from an Avenue U apartment.

A building superintendent went to the basement of the building, which is between E. 12th Street and Homecrest Avenue, at 5 pm after a tenant complained that she had no hot water.

But when he entered the basement, he found three thieves removing the pipes. Two of the water bandits managed to escape as the super held the 51-year-old for police.

PSEG prank

A crew of con men tried to get a woman to let them into her E. 19th Street house on April 29, but they made one pivotal mistake — they claimed to be from a New Jersey electric company, PSEG.

The unwanted visitors showed up at the woman’s home, which is between Avenues S and T, at 2 pm and claimed that they needed to make a boiler inspection.

The woman, who was not a customer of the New Jersey-based energy provider, refused to let them in and called 911, but the suspects had fled before police arrived.

99-cent attack

A thug throttled a 34-year-old man’s neck on April 30 during an exchange inside a 99-cent store on Avenue U.

The victim was shopping inside the store, which is between E. 18th and E. 19th streets, at 6:20 pm when the suspect grabbed him by the neck and threw him onto the floor.

Seconds later, the thug was running out of the store to an awaiting beige minivan, witnesses told police.

Robbed of cellphone

Three thugs jumped a 16-year-old on Avenue S on April 25, running off with the teen’s cellphone.

The victim was nearing Ocean Avenue at 7:52 pm when the thieves attacked, leaving him with a smattering of bruises.

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