Hostage standoff with cops

A crazed man surrendered to police after locking himself, his ex-girlfriend, and two children in an Ocean Avenue apartment for two hours on Friday.

Neighbors complained they couldn’t pass between Avenue H and Glenwood Road, although police deny officially cordoning off the street to quell the domestic dispute.

“The whole precinct was here,” a resident said. “The SWAT team and everything.”

Cops said that Roy Williams entered his estranged girlfriend’s apartment, located at 1290 Ocean Ave., at around 9 am. The building superintendant, who was about to install new locks designed to keep the man out, called cops after Williams refused to let the woman and children out.

“It was basically a hostage situation,” said one resident. “The guy wasn’t right in the head.”

Police arrested him for violating a restraining order, unlawful imprisonment, and endangering a minor.

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