Hot dog!

Hot dog!
The Brooklyn Paper / Allyse Pulliam

Opening a restaurant in Red Hook devoted almost exclusively to sausage is a lot like making sausage — you don’t want anyone to see how it gets done.

But bratwurst boosters will get to see the byproduct of Erin Norris’s labor in March, when she expects to open Grindhaus on Van Brunt Street between Visitation Place and Pioneer Street — a restaurant that exists in tribute to Germany’s greatest contribution to the culinary arts.

“Sausage makes me happy,” Norris (pictured) told GO Brooklyn.

The offerings will consist of five or six sausage varieties made on the premises, plus classics from around the world and newfangled concoctions that Norris will rotate into the daily offerings.

The Teutonic tempress will also offer some breaded and fried dishes favored by Prussians, Russians and even, gasp, the French.

“Pretty much culture has some kind of cured good — and we’re going to do our best to explore that,” Norris said.

Sorry vegetarians, this meat palace doesn’t look like your cup of tea.