Hot time! Burlesque returns to Red Hook on Saturday night

Hot time! Burlesque returns to Red Hook on Saturday night
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

They’re not strippers — they’re artists!

That’s not to say that the performers of Red Burlesque, who will return to Sugar Lounge in Red Hook on Nov. 6, don’t shed plenty of clothing during their risqué routines. But get your mind out of the gutter, it’s more than just strip tease.

“If you want to see clever and artistic performers, then come and see this,” said organizer and performer Kiki Valentine, who is a veteran of burlesque — and proponent of bringing it to new areas of the city such as Red Hook.

“Now local people can come and see something they might have had to go across a bridge for otherwise,” she said.

Justina Flash is one of those bridge-crossers. She gave a scorching performance at Sugar Lounge in October when she manipulated a flaming hula-hoop for a crowd of nearly 50 people.

“Last month, was wildly successful,” Valentine said. “It was the first burlesque show most of the audience had ever seen, and they really enjoyed it.”

Valentine is hoping for even more people at this month’s provocative performance, since she thinks the art form is growing.

“Burlesque is so hot right now, and it’s going to be even more enormous,” Valentine said.

Red Burlesque at Sugar Lounge [147 Columbia St. between Kane and Degraw streets in Red Hook, (718) 643-2880]. Nov. 6 at midnight. Free.