Human leg found in Coney Island waters

Human leg found in Coney Island waters
Found floating: Authorities confirmed a severed lower leg was found in a jetty outside the New York Aquarium on July 11.
Stefan Kamer

Police are searching for a mutilated body after New York’s Finest scuba divers recovered a human leg in the water off Coney Island Beach on Thursday.

A recreational diver spotted the remains floating in Coney Island Channel of W. Fifth Street at 10:45 a.m. on July 6, but police weren’t able to recover the severed appendage until five days later, when police divers rediscovered it amid some rocks near New York Aquarium, cops said.

Cops also found a set of keys during their investigation, but a spokesman for the Police Department said investigators haven’t ruled out the possibility of future grisly finds.

“It is within the realm of possibility that there may be more [body parts],” a police spokesperson said.

Locals claim that, while authorities closed a section of the beach on Saturday and Sunday during the investigation, the beach reopened Monday — before the leg was recovered.

“Sunday afternoon they picked up and left. Without removing [the leg],” wrote Jill Martino on a public Coney Island Facebook group on July 9. “Monday is quiet, but the beach is open.”

According to the Martino’s Facebook page, the beach closed again on Thursday as cops continued the investigation.

Police will be conducting additional dives to search for the dismembered body, authorities report.

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