Hyperbaric and Wound Healing Center

Do you have a deep acute or chronic wound that just will not heal?Brookdale’s Hyperbaric and Wound Healing Center provides state-of-the-art wound healing techniques including ultrasonic debridement that can help.

It has been proven that ultrasound destroys bacteria and therefore is highly beneficial for the removal of infected, damaged or dead tissue. It is also extremely beneficial as a treatment to improve healing. Ultrasonic wound debridement can provide this treatment without affecting healthy tissue.

Used with sterile saline solution for irrigation and flushing out the bacteria and fibrin (a protein in the blood that enhances clotting), the debridement tool or probe is placed as close to the wound bed as possible.The ultrasonic waves emitted by the probe separate and fragment the dead and infected tissues from the healthy layers and the saline flushes them out of the wound. This procedure is done with the patient experiencing minimal pain and pressure, or, if necessary, with localized anesthetic.

Another advantage of using ultrasound in wound healing is the fact that the waves stimulate healthy cells which in turn allow more blood to flow thereby enhancing the healing process through the formation of new blood vessels from the existing blood vessels in the wound. This allows for speedier new tissue formation to close the wound.

Ultrasonic debridement is used in difficult to treat wounds such as diabetic, pressure, chronic and infected wounds that, in the past, took months and months to treat. Now, with the use of the ultrasonic debridement equipment, depending on the severity of the wound, the process can be significantly shortened.

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