Ida Eisenstein is our pigskin prognosticator!

Our NFL Nostradamus, Ida Eisenstein, did it again last week, going 10-6, and nailing her Kryptonite lock of the week. But this week, Ida faces her toughest test yet — no, not how to download a “Footloose” ring tone to her new cellphone — an emotional showdown pitting mother vs. daughter in a critical AFC West match-up.

Ida’s picks

Giants –3, Bills +13, Browns +10.5, Panthers +3.5, Saints –5.5, 49ers +1, Cowboys +3, Rams +3.5, Eagles –3, Colts –5.5, Raiders +4, Bears +3.

Ida’s breakouts

Seahawks (+5.5) over Chargers: “My daughters team is San Diego, and my team is Seattle. Seattle lost this week, so they’re going to want to prove a point.”

Jets (+1.5) over Dolphins: The Jets found their offense against New England last week. “They might be too overconfident, but I’m going to go with them anyway.”

Vikings (-10) over Lions: “The Vikings just might make it this week.”

Ida’s Krytonite Lock of the Week

Steelers (-2.5) over Buccaneers. “I think the Steelers have a good team.”

Make no mistake, Ida does not promote or support illegal gambling — she just likes being right.

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