Ida’s on fire this week!

Elections come and go. Politicians rise and fall. Ida buys the news every day and sure, things change — they now quote people from a website called Twitter — but the so many things stay the same.

The age-old rifts sometimes seem as if they never go away. Perhaps that’s why our autumn oracle chooses the gridiron game, an everlasting sport of renewal, beauty, and yes, brutality.

Ida was sitting at a bar on a recent Sunday — she was back in Sheepshead Bay indefinitely — nursing a drink she did not divulge the contents of out of a mug. Only a fool would ask what it was.

She glanced toward the corner of the bar.

“Politics?” she said, nodding towards a man staring up a cable news station on TV, his eyes transfixed on the technicolor blaze as headlines crawled mindlessly across the bottom of the screen. “Football is a far better sport.”

Ida continued to sip at her mysterious drink, and offered up no further words or wisdom, saying only that the election, and its dueling candidates, with their glut of words, had damped her appetite for inspiration this week.

Ida’s picks:

Colts (-3), Falcons (-2.5), Lions (-2), Rams (12), Broncos (-3.5), Chargers (3), Dolphins (-6), Bills (11), Eagles (EVEN), Raiders (7), Chiefs (12.5),

Giants (-4.5) over Bengals.

“Giants are legitimate.”

Seahawks (-6.5) over Jets

“Don’t tell my son.”

Kryptonite pick of the week:

Bears (-1.5) over Texans

63–68–2 (Kryptonite: 4–5, last week: 10-4)

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