Ida’s picks: Take ’em or leave ’em

The origin of the things that truly surprise us is that great void, the bottomless depths, the seeming nothingness. That undiscovered country. That deep blue something. You yourself are alone, sitting in a room with nothing but a cord and phone. The phone rings. Do you answer it? Of course you do. For, what else is there to do when sitting alone in a room with just a phone and a cord?

“It’s Ida,” said the disembodied voice. “I’m in a place where I really can’t talk.”

You are speechless as well.

And for a moment time seems to slow to a drip. Then, with not a word spoken, it all becomes clear. All you have heard in your ear is a the click of Ida’s standard Bell System telephone — and then a buzz. You put your receiver down as well, and the echo reverberates through the room. Somehow, you have the knowledge of a thousand years. Yes, society has provides us words for when the past bleeds into the now — nostalgia, for one — but it’s not told us what to call it when the future invades the present.

To quote that anonymous genius from years back, “The future is … now.”

Ida’s picks: Bills (−3), Vikings (−4.5), Colts (−3), Texans (−5), Packers (−5.5), Panthers (1), Giants (−7), Buccaneers (3), Bears (−6)


Seahawks (9) over 49ers

“The Seahawks are a given.”

Raiders (−4) over Jaguars

“Jaguars are the worst team.”

Steelers (−1) over Bengals
“Steelers will do it.”

Kyrptonite pick of the week:

Jets (11) over Patriots

Record: 40–51–1,

3–3 Krytonite

7–8 last week

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