Imagine Guns N’ Roses — in fishnets

Imagine Guns N’ Roses — in fishnets
Photo by Shervin Lainez

It’s exactly like Guns N’ Roses — except with panty-hose.

The legendary rock ’n’ roll band Guns N’ Roses reached their proverbial high water mark in the early 90s, but fans can relive the glory days of what was once the most dangerous act in the world with the superbly talented and certainly more attractive all-girl tribute Guns N’ Hoses.

“It’s like acting in a play, except a little more badass,” said Mia Von Glitz, who takes on the character of bassist Duff McKagan on stage.

Her band mates — vocalist Erin Marsz, guitarists Charlene Kaye and Emily Long, bassist Mia Von Glitz, and drummer Meret Koehler — all have their own musical projects, but they come together once in a blue moon to collaborate on the rock tribute act.

Apparently, it’s a chick thing.

“We’re all in bands with dudes and we wanted to do an all-girl thing,” said Von Glitz. “That was the idea, it’s a front-woman extravaganza.”

Before every show, the women convene in Von Glitz’s apartment in the Lower East Side, where they prep, perm, and temporarily tattoo themselves — all the while devoting their attention toward achieving a near zen-like Guns N’ Roses state of mind.

“It’s a very regimented routine of a vodka Red Bull, a vodka soda, and a tequila shot,” said Von Glitz. “We usually have a bottle of Jack on stage, which comes in handy once we’re rolling.”

Once on stage, the front women go about the business of Gun’s N’ Roses’ 1987 debut chart-topper “Appetite for Destruction.”

“We very much respect the musicality of it,” said singer and Guns N’ Hoses founder, Erin Marsz. “It’s no joke — you very quickly see the key changes and it gives you some perspective. They were legit musicians and incredible song writers.”

As far as stage presence is concerned, the all-girl band takes the raucous and unpredictable spirit of the all-man group they cover — to places the men probably never would.

“I think that we try to emulate them in the fact that they didn’t plan their on-stage antics,” said Von Glitz. “It’s not like I plan to lick Emily in the face when she’s playing guitar, but that’s not saying it couldn’t happen.”

Guns N’ Hoses at Brooklyn Bowl [61 Wythe Ave. between N. 11th and N. 12th streets in Williamsburg, (718) 963–3369, brooklynbowl.com] Sept. 7, 11:30 pm,. $5.

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