In the land of Hawaiian shirts! Inside Trader Joe’s

Workers are feverishly completing the transformation of the landmark Independence Bank building on Court Street into Brooklyn’s first Trader Joe’s supermarket, which will open on Friday morning.

Beneath hand-drawn facsimiles of iconic Brooklyn sites, such as Ebbets Field and Coney Island, an army of employees clad in Hawaiian-print shirts were stocking shelves on Monday with Trader Joe’s own label of frozen delicacies like mandarin orange chicken or finger lickin’ sweet potato chips. (Oenophiles, be forewarned, there will be no Two Buck Chuck wine in this store.)

Even without the fermented grapes to entice shoppers, the store manager expects a huge turnout on Friday morning for the ribbon-cutting.

“People are going to be lined for a while before we open,” said Greg Glei, the shop’s “captain.”

But they won’t be lined up at the cash registers. The store not only installed 18 checkout stations, but Glei said that all store workers are trained to move swiftly to the checkout lines to avert backups.

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