Influence of African dance showcased by Black Brooklyn Renaissance

Black Brooklyn Renaissance kicks off with a dance extravaganza highlighting the influence of African dance from Brazilian orixa and Panamanian Afro-Latino to African American Lindyhop at the Walt Whitman Theater at Brooklyn College (BCBC), 2900 Campus Road in Flatbush, February 28, 2-5 p.m.

The free show presents traditional, modern and post-modern dancers and choreographers, featuring soloists Camille A. Brown, Baraka de Soleil, Rita da Silva, Vado Diomande as well as the groups Conjunto Nuevo Milenio, Asase Yaa, Afro-Mosiac Soul, Mikki Davis & Dancers, Brooklyn Jumbies, Restoration Dance Theatre Company and more.

For more, visit www.brooklynartscouncil.org or call 718-625-0080.