Inside job? Greene Ave tenants say crooks had the keys!

Inside job? Greene Ave tenants say crooks had the keys!
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

Seven apartments inside a tony Fort Greene building have been broken into in the past year — and in all cases, the burglars had the keys, leading residents to believe that they are the victims of the ultimate inside job.

Victimized tenants at the luxurious 50 Greene Avenue believe that someone either has a copy of all their keys or the burglaries are simply being committed by management because none of the thefts have involved forced entry.

“Do not move in unless you want your valuables stolen,” said Jill, one of the victims who, like the others, did not want her full name used. “This place is crazy town. Renters beware.”

In the most recent incident last month, the renter was home at 1 am when someone tried to get into the apartment with a key, said one of the victims.

“The burglar ran away when [the tenant] saw him,” said the victim. “Either someone is watching us closely or it’s an inside job.”

The burglarized tenants have complained that the management of the building — which is near Adelphi Street — has ignored requests to change locks or even respond to the horrific rash of keyed-in burglaries.

Cops confirmed that three of the burglaries occurred since January. When asked about the crimes, an employee at the firm that owns the building, 50 Greene Avenue LLC, laughed and said, “No comment.”

Other disgruntled tenants have gone online with their grievances about the management.

“They have made it clear from a number of break-ins that they have no concern for the tenants’ well-being or safety,” said one commenter, Stephanie, who gave the building a one-out-of-five stars review.