Inventor wants to pimp your stroller

Inventor wants to pimp your stroller
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

A Brooklyn entrepreneur is rolling out “Pimp My Ride”-style strollers complete with speakers, flashing headlights, and an alarm system to scare off thieves.

Canarsie-based inventor Bruce Fraizer will retrofit ordinary strollers with fancy features such as iPod docks, global positioning devices, and flashing lights to make transporting tots safer and more fun.

“It entertains the child and uses lights to prevent drivers from injuring mothers,” Fraizer said.

The patented array of aftermarket accessories — which turns an ordinary stroller into the tricked-out Honda of the baby carriage world — includes a sound volume remote control, cup holders, and LED lights.

Fraizer, who doesn’t have kids, said he recently collided with a mom on a sidewalk at night, causing the child to tumble out of the stroller.

After he got home, the idea struck him like a ten ton diaper bag: if cars and bikes have lights, so should strollers, he said.

His believes his creation could be a solution when it hits the shelves this winter for roughly $250.

It also could be a hit in kid-centric Park Slope— if moms and dads decide to hang up the baby bjorns and brush off the inevitable stroller jokes.

“It’s a valuable infant accessory,” he said. “It could prevent a tragedy!”

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