iPad plucker hits Homecrest

iPad swipe

An armed goon robbed a 19-year-old on E. Eighth Street on Sept. 11, taking his iPad and cellphone.

The victim was between Avenues S and T at 1:25 am when the suspect walked up and asked him for the time.

Seconds later, the thug flashed a gun, demanding his computer tablet.

Jumped on E. 13th

Two thugs attacked a 35-year-old man on E. 13th Street on Sept. 7, taking his cash, iPad and a number of Oxycodone pills.

The victim was between Avenue P and Kilmer Square at 9:25 pm when the suspects attack and dragged him into a nearby alley, where they rummaged through his pockets and shoulder bag.

Boutique raid

A thief raided the Soho Boutique on Quentin Road on Sept. 2, taking more than $13,000 in jewelry.

Workers at the store, which is near E. 11th Street, told police that the thief entered at 3:45 pm and began motioning to his waistband as if he had a gun hidden there.

“Don’t move or I will blow your head off,” the thief said.

Bad reflection

A 28-year-old Stuart Street woman attacked her husband with a mirror on Sept. 9 — only to be arrested short time later.

The couple was arguing in the apartment, which is near Avenue U, at 11:25 pm when the woman pushed her hubby onto the bed and cracked a small mirror over his head.

Sibling rivalry

A 62-year-old man attacked his 66-year-old brother on Sept. 5 — during a heated argument over who had the rights to their parents’ E. Eighth Street home.

The two men were quibbling over who had the proper claim to the house, which is between Avenues S and T, when the 62-year-old punched his older brother in the mouth, cracking his teeth. He also choked his older brother before police arrested him.

Bat attack

A goon with a baseball bat jumped a 40-year-old man on Kings Highway on Aug. 31.

The victim was nearing E. Fourth Street just after midnight when the suspect attacked, striking him in both arms. The victim was hospitalized as a result.

What a snake!

A 49-year-old woman snaked a wallet out of a 64-year-old woman’s handbag during a shopping excursion on E. 19th Street on Sept. 12.

The victim had entered a grocery near Avenue P at 11:25 am when the thief made off with her property. She was later arrested.

Chain swipe

A thief snagged a gold chain from an 86-year-old woman on Sept. 9 during a confrontation inside an E. 13th Street apartment building.

The woman had just entered the lobby of the building, which is near Avenue R, at 4 pm when the suspect attacked and ran off with her jewelry.

— Thomas Tracy