It’s a drive-by shooting!

Pelting pellets

A man was struck in a driveby shooting on Nov. 4 — but the shooter’s weapon was only a pellet gun.

The victim told police that he was talking on the phone at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and State Street at around 9:30 am when he heard two pops. Next, he felt a sharp pain in his back, and turned around to see a tan four-door sedan zipping off.

Sweetshop smuggler

A candy store thug stuck his hand into the cookie jar on Nov. 7.

A worker at the shop inside the Atlantic Terminal Mall near the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues told cops that she was manning the counter at around 7 pm when a strange man entered and pulled a black firearm.

He emptied the register, which contained $700 — and then he took all the dollar bills from the tip jar, too.

Stack theft

A pickpocket snagged a woman’s wallet in the library of St. Francis College, and then went on a shopping spree in Queens with her credit cards on Nov. 5.

The victim was checking out books between 8:40 am and 10:15 am, but didn’t realize until later in the day that her wallet — which contained $215 and her debit card — was missing from her tote bag. By the time she canceled the card, the thief had made more than 50 small charges at five locations in Ridgewood.

Macy’s Day raid

Two shoppers got in trouble at the Macy’s on Fulton Mall on Nov. 6:

• In the first incident, a middle-aged man was cuffed at about 11 am for shoplifting $1,251 worth of clothing. A Macy’s employee told cops that he saw the man slip the goods into his bag and try to walk out the door.

• About seven hours later, a thief stole a man’s walleet as he was trying on jackets.

Ticketer tested

A 21-year-old tried to get out of a parking ticket on Nov. 5, but ended up getting a whole lot more.

A police officer was issuing the ticket at around 4:15 pm on Livingston Street near Smith Street when the car’s owner suddenly put it in drive. The cop wasn’t sure if the ornery parker was trying to run him over or escape, but he told the felon to get out of his vehicle immediately. Then the perp climbed over to the passenger side door and tried to run for it, but the cop caught him and arrested him.

The man had pot, a switchblade and a bag of coke in his pockets, the officer said.

Bean fiend

A thug who hadn’t had his daily fix pulled a knife on a coffee vendor on Nov. 5.

The street salesman was working at 11 am when the cutlery-toting crook approached the stand at Middagh Street and Cadman Plaza West.

“Give me the box,” he demanded.

The victim handed over his cash depository, which contained $80. Then thief took off into the High Street subway station.